You can choose from a traditional tree house design or go for a more modern contemporary style

Because you are choosing a custom design for your tree house the possibilities are endless. With the only limitations being the base structure that the tree has provided for us, you can let your imagination run wild and dream up the most enchanting tree house.

We can then start building your tree house and making your ideas and imagination come to life. Through this process you will see why we are so passionate about what we do.

The first step in building your unique tree house is to select the tree or trees that will be used to support your dream tree house.
With our arboriculture experience we can advise on species suitability and selection and importantly on the trees health.

Initial consultation: species suitability and tree selection, base design concept basic measurements.
Next step: Tree risk assessment and aerial survey. Precise measurements taken for plans and pricing, brain storming, design concept and possibilities
The build: All the timber used to build your tree house will be milled at our yard from slow grown Monterey and Lawson Cypress so that we can truly custom make your one of a kind tree house.

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